Who am I?

My Name is “Amir Kamel”. I was born in 1993 and live in Mashhad, Iran.

I discovered my passion for graphic design when I was in high school so I started learning photoshop & I did a few projects for different companies & organizations which made me more inspired. I learned many things about photography, photo editing & illustration along the way.

After couple of years when I went to college, I also started learning video editing & did many video projects, too, when I saw that I needed to learn Visual Effects & Motion Graphics. So I upgraded all of my equipment to be able to do all the things that I had done before but in a more professional way.

After those years when I became proficient in all those skills I decided to create “Chilli Pen” & that’s why you are reading this.

What is Chilli Pen?

“Chilli Pen” is a place where you can see all of my works & projects, learn how I created them, share your opinion about them ,stay in touch with me & enter “Chilli Pen’s Contests”

You can also order a video, banner, Photoshopped profile picture, logo, website cover, motion graphics ad for your company or ANYTHING related to graphic design, Photo Editing or Video Editing.

Why Chilli Pen?

In order to get better, I should stay in touch with people & know their opinions about what I’m doing.

Also there are so many people who are passionate about the same career & if we can meet we can learn lots of things from each other. This way not only will I have helped other people but also got support and positive feedback from them which inspires me.

And even if “Chilli Pen” helps only one person, then I believe it is worth it.